Answer your door from anywhere with TAS

TAS uses a single app to deliver seamless and secure management of smart access to your home.

It connects with TAS compatible digital door locks, security cameras and video doorbell, as well as IFTTT and Tuya. TAS allows you to remotely monitor and control who, when and how to access your home.

Reliable Connectivity

Accessible anywhere

Local and cloud storage

Secure encryption


Fast responsiveness

See and speak to visitors

TAS supports 2-way audio communication straight from your smartphone, so you can welcome visitors or give last-minute instructions to a service provider from anywhere.

One touch to access your smart devices

Access your home smart devices using the one app! It’s designed to be an easy way to access and control your smart devices in one place.

Grant access from anywhere

Dogwalker? service provider? house cleaner? friends or family? with the TAS app, you can grant access to your door from anywhere.

Notifications & history on hand

Anytime the doorbell or digital door lock is used TAS sends a notification to your smart phone. Making life safer and easier! you can also get notifications on access logs/ history and alarms (low battery, tamper, wrong pin, mechanical key).

Motion detection

Make life safer and easier, you can be alerted and check who is at the door before the doorbell even rings, with motion detection.

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